Tired of working for AMCs with inexperienced reviewers who try to fix your prices?

We understand your frustrations. Our Reviewers have all been appraisers AND reviewers, so we understand your needs, as well as our Clients.

Working with CES is a WIN-WIN! Our approach is simple: It’s all about respect! We respect YOUR expertise and professionalism. No one knows your markets better than you!

  • You set your fees and invoice the bank directly
    • We don’t negotiate fees and we never take a nickel of YOUR money
  • Our experienced staff understands Scope of Work
    • We ensure all parties understand the assignment before engagement
  • Our Reviewers work with you to resolve REAL problems
    • We focus on significant issues that affect the report’s credibility — not typos
  • All Reviewers have 10+ years experience reviewing for banks
    • We won’t waste your time and we are always open to your views
  • All Reviewers have 5+ years performing appraisals
    • We understand your challenges

Get started today!

  • Complete our Appraiser Questionnaire
  • Provide a copy of your License and E&O Insurance Certificate
  • Provide two sample reports. (if you perform residential and commercial assignments send one of each).
  • Please email your completed packet to

Please Note:  Submission of information in and of itself does not guarantee admission as an approved appraiser on the panel.  Should you be selected, you will be contacted by a CES staff.


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