Henry D. Haddock

EVP, Director of Business Development / Client Expert Witness

Henry Haddock joined CES in April of 2017 after completing a 31 year banking career that began at Exchange Bank in 1980 and concluded at Suntrust Bank in 2011.

A veteran of three commercial real estate business cycles, Henry has extensive special asset experience managing workouts, note sales, foreclosures, deficiencies, litigation, commercial bankruptcy, negotiated settlements and ORE throughout the southeastern United States.

Henry is equally experienced on the commercial loan production and origination side of banking as well, with an established track record encompassing multiple lenders and capital sources and involving all types of real property. Henry has extensive expertise and market knowledge of the Florida market in particular, and has been a licensed real estate broker in that state for over 25 years. Henry had demonstrated success in leading the re-positioning and re-development of commercial real estate assets, ensuring that value, cash flows, leverage and ROE are each optimized for the equitable benefit of ownership.

Given his broad and varied experience in all facets of banking, Henry’s key role at CES is as our Director of Business Development as well serving our clients as a consultant in Banking Strategy and as an expert witness.

Henry graduated from the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL in 1979 with a BSBA from the College of Business Administration Finance with full honors.

To contact Henry, call 678-580-6220.

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