CES Real Estate Appraisals

CES provides Commercial and Residential Real Estate Appraisals that are fully compliant under Title XI of FIRREA, USPAP and any client supplemental guidelines that allow our valuations to supersede those requirements under the federal guidelines.

In situations whereby the Agencies identify certain real estate-related loan transactions qualify for Evaluations vs. Appraisals, and specifically within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, North Carolina and South Carolina, the use of Evaluations by an outside third-party are not legal.  Therefore, within these states CES can provide you with an appraisal performed by a licensed appraiser from within our own Appraisal Department that satisfies this requirement.  These appraisals can also be reviewed by other CES licensed appraisers from within our Appraisal Review Department.  We offer this service for transactions that would have otherwise qualified for an evaluation under FIRREA.

CES Appraisals are fully compliant with FIRREA, USPAP and all Bank and State appraisal guidelines.  Our appraisers act independently and without bias and apply the most common and relevant appraisal methodology, using relevant market data, which result in well developed and supported market value conclusions.

CES Appraisals are very cost effective and Clients and regulators who’ve audited them agree that CES appraisals provide an added confidence, in a competitively quick time period, and with effective cost savings.

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