Donald Grier

Chief Appraiser Residential Real Estate

Donald Grier joined CES in 2019 as our Residential Chief Appraiser and is currently licensed in multiple states as a Certified Residential Appraiser. Donald began his appraisal career in 1990 and has almost 30 years of experience as a Residential Appraiser and Manager.

Donald has a broad range of Residential Appraisal and Management experience. He was a Residential Appraisal Manager for a Metro Atlanta appraisal firm for over 10 years before joining Bank of America as a District Manager.

As District Manager for Bank of America, and later for LandSafe and CoreLogic, Donald’s duties included leading and managing teams of Residential Appraisers and Review Appraisers located in multiple states. He was responsible for leading and coaching the management and administrative staffs, and also managed the approved appraiser panels. He excelled in maintaining the highest quality of standards, while meeting strict performance goals, assuring response times for Service Level Agreements were being consistently met. Donald was also responsible for assisting his appraisers and reviewers with more complex appraisal assignments.

Donald attended Morehouse College majoring in Computer Science, and Phillips College majoring in Business Management.

To contact Donald, call (678) 580-6235, or email at

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