Appraisal Management – Ordering and Review Services

With CES as “Your Virtual Appraisal Department™” you will maintain a strong competitive edge for succeeding in today’s Banking World.

Through a convergence of unparalleled use of technologies, resources, and organization, CES weaves seamlessly into the fabric of your daily banking operations, completely eliminating your own need to develop an in-house appraisal management program as required under federal and state regulations

CES can acting as your sole “virtual appraisal department™” for all of your collateral real estate due diligence needs, or, we can simply supplement your existing internal function already in place.  Regardless of the level of use, teaming up with CES will certainly result in significant a cost savings for you as well as ensure you are always operating in compliance with regulatory guidelines.  At the end of the day, this results in a more safe and sound banking environment for you and your investors.

CES provides instant structure for the compliance in the Appraisal and Evaluation Ordering and Reviewing process.  Our Staff of Administrators, Evaluators, Appraisers, Review Appraisers and Chief Appraisers undergo continual and incomparable in-house training that supplements their already unequaled professional qualifications.  This keeps our professionals who serve you attuned to current or changing theory, methodology or regulatory guidelines, which in turn ensures that all appraisals or evaluations you order through us will be performed accurately and fully compliant.

The extra effort CES puts forth provide the very best due diligence possible, on every assignment, which is why CES is recognized by regulators and current users of their services as “best in class.”

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Your Virtual Appraisal Department | Collateral Evaluation Services
Collateral Evaluation Services provides best in class appraisal management, commercial and residential evaluations, environmental management and advisory service for small banks, medium sized banks and other financial professionals