Quality Sets Us Apart

CES is focused exclusively on providing its clients with dependable guidance and consistent high quality due diligence when defining value for Real Estate and Business collateral. Collateral Evaluation Services (CES) provides professional Collateral Evaluation Services to Financial Institutions throughout the United States. Our basic services include:

Operating as “your virtual appraisal department™” CES remains focused on providing the very best due diligence on all types of loan collateral. Through our proven process we ensure each client will operate in a more safe and sound banking environment than ever before, using only the most experienced personnel, coupled with current “state of the art” technologies and most current and accurate data resources.

CES strives to provide the very best Appraisal and Collateral Evaluation Services that fully meet the needs, exceed the expectations, and enhances the lives of our clients and the communities for which we both serve.

“Our mission and goal is to be Your Most Trusted Real Estate Advisor.”

We welcome the opportunity to design a customized program that meets all of your goals and objectives for managing your collateral real estate. CES is the most prudent choice when you need reliable, independent, and cost effective Collateral Evaluation Services. Please contact us at your earliest convenience and we will be glad to meet with you by phone or in person to discuss a custom “virtual appraisal department™” solution designed specifically to fit your institution’s needs.

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Your Virtual Appraisal Department | Collateral Evaluation Services
Collateral Evaluation Services provides best in class appraisal management, commercial and residential evaluations, environmental management and advisory service for small banks, medium sized banks and other financial professionals